Enterprise Mobility Strategy

It has been an ongoing journey for Global Enterprises to address the needs of Mobile workforce as well as adapt their applications to Mobile lifestyles of Suppliers & Consumers of their subsystems, components & Products as well. The era of Unified Platform for Mobility in terms of devices presents its own challenges. The Telecom indstry forums and alliance groups that created eTOM and NGOSS are at least providing a converging view of the Communication Services.

The “Presence” for creating location based transparency has provided opportunities for some of the key Network device vendors create soem interesting products and services. Cisco has demonstrated this with their platform for “Presense” and coupled with a new transformed Webex platform are entering the Collaboration Platform offering. It has its own markeitng agenda to be addressing “limited travel budgets” etc. It is vividly summarized in the blog on Innovation/ mobility ref :  http://blogs.cisco.com/innovation

We also get into the User Experience area that  has gone thru’ engineers and softeware architects to real USER EXPERIENCE enthusiasts as well as qualified experts http://blogs.cisco.com/webexperience

We have seen Information, Security, Process, Services offiecers [ CIO/CSO,CPO,CSvO] emerge and now there are CxO – Chief Experience Officers coming out from progressive global orgs.


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