Smartphones & Enterprise Applications

The era of Desktop computing that gave us the Game console, personal computer, Home / office view to internal and external applications has gone thru’ a phenomenal change as a Platform with advent of Web 2.0, Rich vs Brower client based applications and emergence of several Development Platforms and paradigm shifts.  Now this wave of technologies are swept by very capable Smartphones from many vendors and service providers thru’ usage of Mobile Web or Native client plaforms. Blackberry RIM, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone, Google Android,  multi-platfroms from Nokia and several devices from Motorola including DROID are providing many ways for Business to communicate with their employees, suppliers and consumers.

In terms of Standards for Mobile applications be it Web or Native, there are several being touted by device and IT vendors as well as International standard bodies liek w3c –

However as the pace of innovation in this area accelerates, more prorprietary standards and proliferatin of existing standards continue as seen by J2ME or Windows Mobile/.NET or Android/Linux based platforms. The capabilities in smartphone today gets most of the collaboration and social network based implementations be implemented very rapidly. The cosnumer and holders of these devices are very interactive in nature and seek be it games or applications that attract them. So for Global Enteprises apart from these devices coming to the enterprise thru’ their employees, they also enter thru’ Consumers.

Integrating exisitng and creating future applications in an Enterprise are al challenges that the MULTI-CHANNEL marketing teams have started exploration. The adoption rate of these would be crossing Marketing teams to Manufacturing , Product development , Finance and other areas of Business. The Wireless LAN saw healthcare industry especially Hospitals go thru’ a rapid adoiption of Pocket PC, Desktop/Lap top aound the facility as the freedom of Over the Air communication within large facilities were exploited weel by applications. Similary plants used it be for Forklift machines to go in and out of plants quickly or integrating with the CNC’s or management/supervisor reporting on availability of machines ,monitoring and management tasks..

The App Store phenomena for Consumers ahs also created a buzz aroud the smartphone applications as MARKET PLACES for these apps has become common place in the world of Windows Mobile or iPhone or Android or Nokia or RIM.. 

The adoption of these deveices would go beyond just messaging and e-mail applications to wider variety of exisitng as well as new applications suited to the CHANNEL.. More to come in 2010 after the blast of Android Phones..


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