Changing face of IT

The integration of IT & Business Organizations for building effective and efficient Solutions are under way. A good demonstration of this can be seen starting with US Federal Government mandate and transparency of information be it in sharing DATA,  or use new APPLICATIONS or tracking expenses by various agencies. It would be good to inform citizens thru’ the site on solutions that touch the consumers of this portal – citizens, immigrants etc

A quick reference list to the above mentioned sites : – IT & Business Solution catalog that agencies can use including usage of Cloud based services, platform and infrastructure. – Excellent array of data sharing and collaboration platform for multiple partners to exchange as well as transact and transform Gov related business processes – can find many relevant for Citizens  – provides a bird’s eye view of where Money is spent in terms of agencies and probably what it is being spent on is trackable by IT/ Government business leaders. Hope there is a good feedback and communication channel established in tracking usefulness, effectiveness and efficiency/productivity of all the programs and projects. Citizen related Services enrichment can be fed to for making transparency reach the masses! tracks where the money is spent like jobs, healthcare and also some statewide data.

Most of the commercial organizations have all of these type of Information available to executives , employees and partners thru multiple channels including plain old PAPER/email apart from automated systems. The collaborative suites and technologies thru’ Portals have revolutionized the way information is shared across multiple constituents – be they be business partners – supplier/dealer/distributor or employees, customers both potential and existing ones.

As Smartphones get to the mix devices that are used for browsing as well as smart mobile applications for road warriors, the combination of Cloud Computing & Mobile Applications Store (this need to enlarge from the Apple/ RIM/ Android/ Windows market places to more Entities that can create, sustain large Application stores related to their Customers)

So what is changing in the world of IT apart from the 30 day cycle of new jargons, devices and technologies? There is clear visibility of Business Technology – IT enabling business either thru’ existing IT organization or external IT services and consulting bringing INNOVATIONS rapidly to be deployed and used. So all the changes envisioned or thrust on businesses due to environment, financial conditions thru’ market as well as consumer behavior are making NIMBLE – Business / IT operations a pragmatic thinking now! 

If anyone is hiding behind a closet thinking it is all going to PASS may be surprised with more innovations materialize at a faster pace.. So learn quick to be nimble and help businesses grow and kick the engine of Innovation Globally!

So stop whining on Business – IT alignment and keep working for Business Agility teaming well with the players from technology, management & Business innovators.

2010 – It is not only Microsoft, IBM, Oracle & SAP – watch out for Google, Redhat, Amazon and many innovations from Open Source based incubators & business solution providers.


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