App Store and Enterprises

The advent of several Smartphones and platform/ecosystems is making Consumer as well as Employee/Enterprise applications on the rise. It is no longer just gaming and IM tools on the phone. Many useful applications are available at Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, Nokia OVI , Windows Marketplace and Google Android Marketplace – a recent entry.  The Enterprise Applications on Mobile devices has been a cornerstone for Windows and RIM/Blackberry and there are new entries challenging these  two vendors and ecosystems as well as the Architecture Styles.

Just as Music industry went thru’ a laptop browser to Mobile phones and devices transition, the Digital Media and applications savvy Enterprises are working on Mobile Content, Applications apart from mobile Advertising that is taking on – Along with that all the desktop securtiy vulnerabiliies as well as tools clainming to fix virus , spam etc are getting small footprints to the new Device oriented Architecture [ DoA]. The Channel oriented visioing is also taking shape across all industries that have Mobile Smartphones as another avenue for interactive applications – enriching user experience being the primary objective.

The App Store from Apple had been built upon the rigidity of Apple pristine manufactruing line – so all software applications follow the Apple prescriptions and tests and trials prior to get to the STORE! Enterprise Applications be it for employees, consumers , suppliers or retailers have a hoast of layers starting with initial Security authenitication to the last mile of governance , montioring, managment & rapid deployments.

Some of the SOA to Mobile App store thought leaders have started creating an innovative approach for Enterprise Mobile Applications – as one of the blog entry reference here illustrates – 

It is tought to catch up with Web 2.0 that started with AJAX – javasript creating server and client side scripts along with JavaFX – a sun bonanza scripting engine and Adobe Flex/Flash/flashlite and of course the IBM, Microsoft & Oracle creating a multitude of platforms and integration options to deliver Mobile Applications – But still the DEPLOYMENT to consumers is tightly controlled on the APPSTORES – and Akamai may be thinking a bit different as billions of consumer downloads are taking shape- with Global Enteprises jumping into using the Mobile devices /smartphones for applications, these numbers may be growing further.

The basic approach of Deployment of Applications for Enterprises that have traditionally created a huge effort for DESKTOP / LAPTOP environments delivered by IT had been almost doing re-platforming , testing all apps, deploy from central servers etc etc is now starting to permeate to the Mobile Platforms as well – The integration of Mobile Application with backend Enterprise Services poses a tremendous challenge and we will see many new Architectures and layers emerge other than the gateway, framework, runtime engine pushed by several product vendors like Sybase, Oracle, IBM , Microsoft etc..  The traditional IT tool vendors are grappling with it for each and every tool – trying to Mobilize the tool and of course the IT landlords of Enterprises are busy thinking of strategies to mobilized Enterprise Applications and Services.

The AppStore Architecuture may hold some promise and it needs to open up with so many Device/Phone vendors , platform vendors [ j2ME/Sun, WIn7Mobile/Microsoft, Android platform/Google, Nokia-Symbian & several other platforms]. The Web has been the ice breaker that spelt the death of the yester year Client/Server development tooling from most of the IT majors and several small timers also keeping an Open and proprietary path open [Java, .Net,  whole lot of scripting & new open source tools].

How can a complex Application build , deploy and run environments of Enterprise get quick to marketplace for rendering, creating, providing Application access via smartphones? Can  there be a universal remote client – iTunes like smart deploy to all platforms – either native or Web applications?  – the answer seems simple to take the Web Applications route as many enteprises use the Internet infrastructure effectively and sometimes efficiently depending on the class of Apps.  The SaaS vendors like have their own work cut out here.  There may be several applications for Consumers / Business-IT users to search for appropriate Mobile Apps from different AppStores and a Deploy tool and mechanism [ worked with platform/device vendors and enterprises or the Service Providers??]. It is now an interesting BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY problem to solve – so folks pick up your tools and enable interesting solutions!!


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