Chromebook, Tablets, Smartphones , PCs and other Displays for Consumers

Interesting to see many flavors of OS , Display ecosystems are emerging from Innovative IT vendor-scape aimed at Consumers. It makes one to think where are the Global Enterprise Systems and Users in all this Consumer driven Gizmos. You may get many answers from it is LAB to they all will fade away as more quarters flow by etc. But the revolution of Socially engineered Open Source revolution of software and hardware is here to stay thanks to Virtualization and Cloud Services based Application portfolios in works today. The idea of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS is getting inter-twined with many of the devices innovated and marketed [ or taken out quick like WebOS devices and Tablets – hm fail too quick is better than bleeding a large company with failed investments..] – Boeing’s music and infotainment Android announcement may be indicating the recent trend of LINUX entry into all systems embedded somewhere in a vehicle that is either airborne , on ground or sailing away. BTW Chromebooks made by Acer and samsung (Intel is happy but also aiming its Ultrabooks soon) already at retail in Amazon and Bestbuy are making inroads to pilots @ Global enterprises – hm ,many thousands of –  US $ 2000-5000 lap and desk tops to be replaced by some of them? can this really happen? Apple iPad had this vision too! So what is going on with the tablets and smartphones – we all know it all well as we have been buying iPads/ Android Pads   &     iPhones/ Android   phones  for our kids. Now it is a lot of development and deployment platforms headache at large corporations – can we leave everything for future generation to SOLVE?


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