End User Computing to the fore again – Business Technology

As in the era of Client/ Server  (C/S) and Object Oriented Programming  (OOP) , the rise of End User Computing is showing up again in vendor charts and Business Technololgy and Business Analysts views.  Usability engineering became a large discipline towards the last stages of OOP – but C/S and OOP are still around in practice but camouflagued by Tools and frameworks. And came Component based Development- CBD, 4GL , WEB/Script-o-maniacs, SOA and Cloud Services – and they are somewhat there with most of the 4GL’s eclipsed with J2EE and .NET ecosystems.

A twitterati chart doing the rounds on SaaS vendor scape like http://www.bvp.com/cloud/bvp_cloudscape_full.jpg – has again used End User Computing as the topic but used all vendors in NIST definition of SaaS / PaaS/ IaaS used under IT taxonomy like CRM, Content Management System , Analytics blah blah with Vendor labels – many of the lables liek Successfactors – now SAP is acquiting, Radian6 – Salesforce.com acquired and so on – And keeping this chart static won’t do any good even for IT Savvy business leaders.

To take these jargons out and provide meaningful business vocabulary and taxonomy, we need to be pragmatic and get Business Functions and Business process notions right to get to the EXACT BUSINESS SERVICES that can be CONSUMED from a RAINBOW coalition of Cloud Providers.

Apart from as a Service tag to everything so that Every device anywhere can access and consume them for meaninful business USE, the mission to get Cloud Computing Industry to shape is already in swing. NIST – www.nist.gov has the US Government roadmap to Cloud Computing published for public review at http://www.nist.gov/itl/cloud/upload/SP_500_293_volumeII.pdf – on the last pages like page #82 , you can find names of the participants and contributors from Indusry, Government and Standards organizations.

How ADPS= Payroll, 401k – Fidelity , in many markets, Business process outsourcing – BPO and Business Functions outsourcing is on the rise – that implicitly includes the IT part without much help from IT deparments – sometimes termed as Shadow IT – but may be all wrapped in Business Technology term in future perhaps – In every Global Enteprise including Government sectors/agencies, the ecosystem of Cloud Services and associated derivative Business Services, Funcioons, Applicaitons and processes have started to surface – And even the BIG ERP vendors are starting to ACQUIRE [ if you can’t beat’em BUY ’em – that always works!] – SAP / Successfactors, Oracle/Rightnow, Salesforce.com/ Radian6 and many such acqusitions that may follow in 2012.

the buck does not just stop there: The Virtualization that led to Cloud Servers and Services is getting to the DESKTOP/LAPTOP on Cloud using VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with several vendor offerings. With VMware 5 and other hypervisior vendors , this ecoystem willo get to the smartphones and ipads , chromebooks and such. the end is limitless – but as in the gamut of programming languages more to come as scriptomaniacs scramble to get recogintion with several offerings in open and proprietary Platforms – Openstack and more . So IT lingo , jargons permeate along with programming languages and scripts – HTML5 is just not the only ANSWER! if it was so simple and we want it simple, someone from Grave may shout – get back to the MAINFRAME – none of us liked watching these monstors behind  Air-conditioned glass doors – came WINDOWS to give some connectivity – came Unix/Linux to spread everything everywhwre and now we want all of it in the CLOUD – in unknown destinations – that’s fine – but be good to PROVIDE the BUSINESS or IT  END USER  what he / she needs

So the ERA of End User Computing has again BEGUN  till we get some twists with BRAIN SCANNING, HEDGEAR and WEARABLE and EMBEDDABLE CHIP technologies thru’ BIOLOGY and Computier Science mating! Good luck Nano-technologists – keep it coming – we all want to wear and inplant INTELLIGENCE that lasts or sustains!!


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