HTML5 – Is this a Silver Bullet Cross Platform development Platform?

The Web 2.0 and Ajax days of paint the screen and fetch the data as many different tasks to make nimble screen Apps on Web, Mobile and any device specific UI/presentation gave interesting situations for IT vendors to CRUD.  We saw offline version of apps – the GEARS from google went a bit wild before going nowhere and the requirement has not been fulfilled yet – as Business in the driver’s seat is demanding some offline capabilities for Apps as well. This is understandable with so many devices and a large ecosystems of Application Life cycle , there are Many Points Of Failure [MPOF].

HTML5 is the latest in the past year making several FLASHy things to be on the decline apart from BROWSER war of a different kind. CSS/JS and front end programming is to the fore again. Whether it is the mushrooming of HTML5 User groups like or many ways of coding HTML5 – , there is a huge gallery of products that are in the making.

So many ways to paint the glass as widget makers are getting ready like  and of course who can miss 

But handcoders and JavaScript – JS coders keep chugging along as well. Everyone of the nueve or yesteryear Legacy creating well established vendors are at this alchemy again creating zillions of HTML5 applications – 

Containerization of HTML5 is on the move – 

No one from the titans of IT industry has said NO-HTML(5) yet!!  Now it is for CHROME , IE and other browsers to be in the boxing ring – and innovative niche firms would create HTML5 viewpads and renderers or containers with the ambition of taking the every fattening browser out!! 

Meanwhile what should Enterprise really use HTML5 for?  A way to ponder is to look at creating flexible UI/presentation that are customizable by every user for every application and weaving Video based application integration much easier thru’ Cloud Storage (public/private or hybrid ) and Cloud Services for any device – Phone to TV/IPTV and Game Consoles.

Lots of Games and Video applications are on the horizon with Amazon Kindling the Fire and Apple secretly making iPAD -3 and a large ecosystem of ANDROID tablets in the horizon – and many Desktop virtualization vendors trying to make VDI to get to any device ecosystem – aka Smartphones – BYOD’s using VM’s to make apps slower on the Client as well – we were successful in slowing them down on Servers – as the slowness did not really affect Business SLA’s – the old jokes in the corridors of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore that i used to chime “As Hardware becomes faster, we have layer cakes of firmware and software and of course applications come in to make everything look slow – so put the Chip makers to work again” – Dunno what the break point of Murphy’s Law is 🙂

So the question of Cross-Platform Development platform [ eternal one right?] remains yet to be answered. Meanwhile check if the old forms/screens can all be converted quickly to HTML5 while putting the backend to REST or SOAP (opera..] – We will be eternally building with millions of Scripting languages that fly across us in the screens we stare..



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