Cloud – Blockers, Things to Consider & Decision Makers

A series of blogs on various topics that i have been housing here starting with Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise App Store, Cloud & Big Data etc are all coming together in this interesting fact finding Survey report and the insights drawn by Capgemini.

The impact of Cloud Computing on Enterprises today are quite phenomenal considering the dimension of Agility by Business Technology leaders. Every industry and every Sector has felt the need and created their own Cloud Strategy in adoption of Cloud Services. The landscape of Cloud Services from Business Process as a Service, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS – spans the entire Data Center and Business Transformation – with Digitization czars across the globe.  Is everyone on Cloud9 or is this a real fact? The survey says it is no longer a fiction as the shift to extend Data center assets to CLOUD is on the rise!

Key takeaways :

1) Ownership of Budget for Cloud – Business / IT/ Business Technology

2)  Journey to the Cloud and Step-wise Migration – Mileage will vary (but WARP speed!)

3)  New Business areas – Cloud?  – Of course , there are many Pundits and Guru’s ringing in with New Business Model changes and Shifts etc .- but what are some of the facts would make IT (Cloud)  intriguing.

The Global Survey across many parts of the Globe, Industries and sectors, this compilation of Insights from Capgemini is a must read for CxO’s, Senior Business & IT leaders of any Enterprise.

Looks like a Santa’s gift from Capgemini thought leaders to Enterprise Business & IT leaders.

 Microsoft is also doing its round of bringing Consumer & Enterprise Technologies together along with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Windows 8 launch, Windows 2012/ SQL Server 2012/ System Center 2012  and a gamut of their products and solutions along with familiar APPS, AppStore & an addition of Enterprise AppStore aka now Enterprises can create their own AppStore thanks to Microsoft sharing the Architecture & technology for the same. This may mean a good use of Microsoft Surface – not just scratch on the Surface – but a good Enterprise deployment that is lacking in today’s iOS/ Android  devices & proprietary AppStore!

 Here is the URL –

 Share your thoughts and feedback as 2013 will start with “Why are we not using the Cloud for this Application, Activity or task – as all internet of things/devices are connected – and why are the Enterprise Application Landscape not getting to them..”  – Consumer revolution and Enterprise Adoption of the same technology with carefully orchestrated process, practices and Architecture will be heating up!


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