Enterprise Client – Lap/Desk Top, Tablet/Surface, SmartPhone ecosystem

Microsoft, Apple & Google have been working at Consumer device of all sorts taking a slot in your Lap, Desk, Finger scrtaching Tablets/pads/Surface , SmartPhone/TV ecosystems with an idea to get replacing what Users – Consumers and Enterprise variety are used to. Forbes article started a lot of threads from many analysts jumping into this discussion  from last quarter of 2012 . And Consumers usage span may get to many Home appliances too like those Elgan points to – So it is amounting to G A M E ( Google, Apple, Microsoft , Emc) – where are all the APPS that consumers, Enterprise Users want and NEED?

The AppStore context of device and firmware/software fabric vendors ownership to include Partners and edge stores from cloud/telecom providers is on the rise – but where are those APPS that are relevant to the CONTEXT & Presence of a User ?  And more stats on Smartdevice increase in BRICS compared to Developed market economies – like this claim as China leading  – so the most populated regions of the World getting into the Mobile Map entering the Smarter gen devices may need absolutely more innovation in APPS meant to put the devices to use – just other than Entertainment and news watching/browsing especially for the Global Enterprises looking for the most productive Tools/Devices and the relevant APPS.

Start watching the trickling of APP Stores that go beyond the GAM (E – needs to work still on APPS other than STORAGE!) vendorscape. As HR, Finance, Purchasing & Supply Chain join the Marketing /Sales Line of Business across Enterprises to Appify and use the Consumer smartDevices to use for converged Application scape from Consumer/Customer to user/Employee – apart from the MACHINE 2 MACHINE appification in a connected Devices that are capable of SYNC and out-of-sync /offline usage for Users are getting Saavy and vendors of G A M (!E – not yet) are readying for next genm APPS – Device vendors like Samsung in a hurry to quickly go from Consumer device to Enterprise Devicescapes..

Is the 3 or any number of year(s)  Enterprise Lease for Device and appropriate Software business model going to change rapidly? Pay Per use Cloud and APPS can dictate the Client Scape of future?? what if the large Software as a Service successful vendors tag or propel Client devices virtualization and get to BYOD strategy to pervade Enterprises?

How many platforms, devices & APPS can an Enterprise have in a SUSTAINABLE model? Are Enterprises going to be bean counting their IT use or leverage the APPS market scape to be their Future Application Landscape taking advantage of Cloud + Analytics + Mobile – CAM in the hands of People ?

How about profiling each individual across the globe and markets on SMART Apps usage and target ADs and Relevant APPS – Banks, Insurance & Retail companies are already trying – how about Healthcare, Manufacturing and other Service segments of Global Sectors?

Even Legacy Software SaaSy vendors may take a back seat if a new gen /next gen APPS landscape evolves to get Consumers and Enterprise users be more Productive with the RIGHT Tools and AGILE processes enabled thru’ Technology? As Appliances, Cars, Planes and other transportation vehicles with CONNECTED HOMES/Business and CONNECTED People takes its center stage, why are we waiting to change the ENTERPRISE Client landscape? As eBAY , Amazon & Google had taken the Client devices of choices to users even toying with idea of TV or introduce a NEW Internet SaaVY eye with Google GLASS etc, the next generation of connected people [ with embedded devices!] & Vehicles and Facilities – Home – Hospitals and any Connected Retail Establishment of Choice are all coming together – Who is going to be the NEXTGEN creator for Business Applications in an APPSified world..

Statistics and Dashboards on APPIfication abound the Web like this one from VisionMobile Interactive Visualisations – http://www.visualisations.visionmobile.com/ via @VisionMobile



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