You – Devices, World – Services & Universe

Microsoft of the 80’s – the innovator is inventing itself again with the Devices & Services Organizational and Business Model Change

So if you want to examine the 2 pieces, Devices have redefined Consumer marketplace with the current domination by Apple & Google in Smartphones – but does it cover all Devices known to mankind? not really – if you have recently visited anyone in ER or Surgery in a hospital – you would have encountered variety of devices connected to the patient providing real HEALTH check of the various systems within our body that lets us Breathe , Think and do many functions to show we are ALIVE and Well. The smart devices that capture our vital signs or any of the consumption of services like water, electricity and other essentials are gathering and uploading tons of data nowadays classified in the M2M – machine 2 machine Big Data Smart Cloud Analytics platforms. So that gets to the backend that houses all the Services that need to be consumed by DEVICES. So a Consumer – Producer relationship is established between Devices & Services and it is all CONTEXT dependent when it comes to WHO is Consumer and WHO is Producer. The context-aware event model based computing is still in its infancy as our enchantment with devices galore! The Cloud Services with the ecosystem of a large number of APP STORES – varying with Device vendors, telecom Service providers, Cloud Providers, Edge accelerators, Media mediators and Social Channels makes Consumer and Enterprise Apps to co-mingle at times – hm Are we seeing Consumerization of IT at Enterprises? That begs us to the STANDARDS and Collaborative Communication multi-channel access for cross-CLOUD providers and Consumers interactivity. TV, Phone/tablets , Cloud provider, Bandwidth /Telecom provider, Edge enhancers (akamai?) – all take up a chunk of COST along the way to make APPS thrive and reach Consumers Devices. Now Consumers at large are any Consumer, Customer, Employee, Suppliers, partners, Competitors, Global/Country/state/local regulators, Governments – Tax, national security etc and many variations and combinations. So do we have INTEROPERABILTIY and Portability along wiht Security and Compliance addressed by Millions of APPS tht we all download and consume from the APP Stores? Do we care? As we have 5 years + of using various models and revisions of the SMART devices (more to come in the next few months) , we are ll but SCRATCHING the SURFACE .. Can the Surface Tablet from Microsoft and its OEM’s fill the VOID for Enterprise Applications to take off from just Consumer – B2C apps marketplace to industry and B2B as wells M2M and Mobile Commerce app era. As we all chant CONTENT is king, Amazon AWS announces HTML5 based apps in their APPSTORE and also acquiring traditional newspaper Washington Post..So next time you scratch on the smartGlass pane of your device see what is your World vs the Universe of millions of apps.


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