APPS , PaaS & APPStore

APPS , PaaS & APPStore

New wave of PaaS – Platform as a Service galore across different Cloud Ecosystems bringing the developers and Business Technologists productive tools that sans installation/ configuration/ programming/deployment and other paraphernalia.  Caspio is an example built on the lines of yesteryear Microsoft  ACCESS to provide a easy to use Solution building environment. Application building is still not just all easy with 150+ PaaS solutions rolled out already. The growing adoption of BYOD – that deals with several SDK’s apart from many Cross-Platform ecosystems spanning SMARTPhones, Tablets and other devices used by Consumers & Enterprise App users. Another suite of multi-vendor product/services based Solution with PaaS options is DreamFactory – more and more of such conglomeration of Open Source + Proprietary tool sets are popping up in a Cloud Service nearer to you  – this also may present challenges to traditional IT guards on what Cloud + PaaS are allowed within your Firewalls?

The advent of Cloud backend services along with a good delineation of Front end APPS – ranging from Native to HTML5 variants provides a wide range of solutions that can be created rapidly reducing Time to Market – TTM and keeping low TCO – total cost of ownership. The new breed of APPS is taking over the traditional Application Lifecycle Management governance and approaches/methodology in many Enterprises. The AGILE methodology of APPS development apart from various traditional styles providing incremental and continuous APPS create / Update is even finding new approach needed for APPS store constructs that has been prevalent for the last 5 + years.

Apple, Google, Microsoft & several other IT devices + Services vendors have their store ecosystems for consumers and Enterprises for APPS distribution , marketing & sales. The telecom providers like AT&T, Verizon, TMobile , Vodafone, Sprint and others add to this APPStore melee with their own STORES as well. Microsoft boldly opened the APPStore to all Enterprises to create and maintain their OWN Enterprise APPStores. But the APPS creators have the key – at least the top 100 commercially successful APPS vendors need to be concerned in the era of SMARTDevices.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device adoption gave rise to many devices and APPS from Enterprise apart from Device Management for IT operations and Governance. The users also bring their own APPS giving rise to BYOA – Bring your Own APPS that again border Personal and Work related activities. This presents interesting Conusmer/Customer friendly APPS distribution/sales &marketing scenarios along with the consumption of pay-per-use Cloud Services that get built with the APPS.

As analysts and APPS vendors along with Device+Services & Carrier vendors span multiple ecosystems, how many APPS will be in the marketplace/ APP Stores will be enough?  And do you think Corporate sponsored APPS along with Corporate APPS and partner APPS will be the Future? And do you have the APPS landscape planning in place along with [BYOD + BYOA + Cloud Services ] strategy?

Enterprise Architects have been working on the new models with convergence of several technologies that culminate in the new era of APPS + Cloud + Device. OpenGroup and Object Management Group along with several Standards Org like NIST have been working to address deep concerns starting with Security, Interoperability and portability of the new APPS era. Innovation and proprietary technologies with time get to STANDARDS to address growing needs of proliferation and convergence of many technology based Solutions used by Consumers and Businesses.

Next time you check the Enterprise Reference Architecture, Roadmap and Application landscape wall charts in your hall ways and conference rooms, please do check there are Strategy & Policy/Guidelines for use charts for various Gadgets and gizmos along with Social Media APPS approved for use in the Enterprise!  If you find old charts, it is time to think about creating and/or modifying existing charts. IT leaders and Business leaders can champion the cause with APPS landscape and traditional Application charts – to see any convergence and opportunities to RETIRE Legacy suites of applications that is no longer in use. If all this is complex look for a partner to assist with APPLICATION PORTFOLIO RATIONALIZATION – APR strategy and approach for new era of APPS, Enterprise APPStore & converged Channels of Collaboration and Communication..

Also ask yourselves on budgets/ Actual / Forecast for new APPS and expenses for existing APPS along with unused APPS within your Enterprise – if there is no data transparent on these, it is high time someone from Business & IT leadership work on this gizmodo + APPS + Sustain model and costs .. Soon all Homes may need a model with kids already creating a lot of APPS and usage of their APPS that you pay your bills every month apart from extra DATA charges..


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