Open Group Conference at Boston – Week of July 21st 2014

Open Group conference at Boston during next week [ Week of July 21st ] is going to be an exciting event for Enterprise Architects with wide area of coverage on Boundary less   Information flow. The technology trends leveraged for  Performance Improvement of Business is a major theme for the conference with many presentations from Industry thought leaders. The program is available at July 2014 – Open Group Conference – Program

One of the presentation that would interest Innovators, EA thought leaders & Business Technology enablement champions is around the Open Group Project that i had the privilege of being Project Chair along with one of the  key contributor Nikhil Kumar. 

Please find a gist of the presentation summary below and do not miss the opportunity of interacting with us. 

SOA for Business Technology (SOA4BT)

Sundararajan (Sundar) Ramanathan, Manager, IT Advisory, EY;
Nikhil Kumar, President, ApTSi (Applied Technology Solutions, Inc.)

This presentation focuses on the creation of a Service Oriented Enterprise. It is based on a White Paper developed within The Open Group’s SOA Work Group, and provides an overview of SOA4BT. It covers a holistic review of business strategic and operational factors and how they align in the creation of a Service Oriented Enterprise. Finally it maps this to The Open Group’s SOA Reference Architecture (Version 1) and the creation of Enterprise SOA Solution Architectures.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the different components of SOA4BT. The presentation focuses on Service Orientation in a Business Context rather than a Technology Context. Topics covered include mission, vision, goal to business capability mapping to define organizational strategy in a Service Oriented context, and its role in the specification of Technology Capabilities. It addresses Business Operating Models and the alignment of Capabilities, Business Processes and Services. Finally it maps Service Orientation and Business and Service Governance.



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