Digital Business and Multi-Modal IT

Many era of Computing is behind us for the new Smart-Device IoT enabled /enablers as well as with us for the Legacy Fortune 100’s. The interface manipulation from File based processing and Computing to Services based Computing, Enterprise Integration has come a long way. The idea of financing the portfolio of Applications and projects is still in the nascent Annual mode where as the Delivery of Business Technology services is trending between Waterfall and Agile with anything in-between called as HYBRID – just as our Car fuels have made impact for Petroleum Products , Corn Growers and Battery manufacturers.

Is Speed and Security of delivering IT Services in Enterprises co-exist in enriching and enhancing Business Agility or acting against each other with Risk controls and management blockers and tackles? Many CIO’s are trying this balancing act apart from 3 or 4 Generations of IT Leaders, Doers and Operational staff. Mainframe, Mid-tier Client/ server, Web & SmartDevices are some categories but there are many companies in the last 2 category challenging the status quo of IT. Virtualization and Data Center modernization had and has a play still for some but for some like GE and other titans of Business its all Applications and Services in the Cloud moving to OPEX model and spending capital on IP intensive CORE – some mistake core for the Legacy but it is nature of the GAME played in boardrooms.

Internet and Web enabled capital intensive industries to tear down BRICK and MORTAR or vanish from the scene like Eastman Kodak – as Kodak moment has become an Instagram for Digital natives – be it celebrities or young / innocent teen agers or Digital Business landscapers. Consumer meets Enterprise via Digital – Mobile/Social/Real-time Analytics all powered by commercial and Open Source ecosystems and World of Everything As a Service raining from the CLOUD and Platform ecosystem.

Is Information revolution driven by the virualization of Compute, storage, network, Applications and Business? Hm its Digital Business paving the next wave with connected People, Vehicle, Devices and Planet(s).  There are a few gimmicks and limericks offered along the Information highway questioning what is Digital Business and all 3 modes of IT citizens in Enterprises are struggling with how to define the problem, draft requirements, Define Architecture (only those who still care for overall Enterprise – Business/ Information/ Application/ Technology Architecture), Design/Build/Deploy – new generation of customer / Smart-device relevant Solutions,

Is there a way for Simplification and Standardization for the NEXT generation of Technology Transformation and Enablement? Do we need to visit and be prophesied by Oracle of Delphi aka Analysts, Consultants , Product/ Service vendors or listen to Customers and Employees with  razor edge focus on INNOVATION – hey we are an Innovation Nation as Nation is the Planet thru’ the connected Web .

1994 gave us Netscape to browse , 2008 or even before gave as SMART Devices ( eye and touch for our Apple!) and all along ignored connected machines got up now with singing IoT song in 2015/16 and consuming disks/drives in the cloud churned by many BigData engines and Data Scientists helping with all of us looking for a needle in the straw of Universe connected things, People , processes and Business..

Wanted to write without using or referring an URI or URL and just put some thoughts that many intelligent netizens are grappling with scaring the sleep deprived CxxO’s thinking about their next Business venture. model or sell off to make a PROFIT just NOW …







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