Journey of Enterprise Cloud Computing

As Cloud Services offering from many Cloud Providers and 3rd Party Solution vendors increase penetration across various industry sectors, the Cloud Journey is evolving and moving fast with combined usage of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Apart from that BPM vendors like PEGA have evolved from basic workflow automation to provide an agile business Solution development and delivery platform as well. The IT4IT Frameworks, App portfolio/ financial analytics coupled with total automation of IT Operations and Management platforms are all making Enterprise Architecture more relevant in today’s emerging technologies built with the foundation of Service Oriented Architecture.

The Enterprise SDLC dilemma of Waterfall vs Agile and adoption of DevOps Methods, Process and Tools happening side-by-side in Organizations provide us a clash of multi-modal IT and drive for Business Technology. Several Enterprise IT organizations have started running IT as a business working on innovative offerings to internal / external business partners. Some are making headway in the Consumer centric arena like the Smart Connected vehicles and confluence of SmartPhone/gadgets era like the and Of course many automotive OEM’s are heading faster from just infotainment to SmartAPP ecosystem incorporating e-commerce engines and AppStore phenomena.

Power and Utility industry is the Smartmeter and several consumer facing services, Manufacturing with connected machines and plants/factories and Healthcare providers and payers are getting more aggressive with gadgets and wearables era.

The infrastructure automation teams are swinging to action taking Cloud IaaS/PaaS/SaaS ecosystem for an integrated Enterprise Landscape leveraging modern ways of integrating process/ systems and people. The containerization of applications thru’ technologies like allows for agility o Build/ Run and Sustain large landscape of App ecosystems that combine Traditional, Web and Mobile platforms and solutions. Some of the Enterprise Architecture way of addressing innovation that I talked about in Open Group San Diego Conference during Feb 2015 is becoming more and more relevant as IoT, Predictive Analytics and modernized App ecosystems are enabling Business Agility across Line of Business and Industry sectors breaking a lot of SILOS..

It is interesting to do a real time and pragmatic inward synthesis for Enterprises to have a Journey Map and day in the Life quick charts. So have EA or IT management using these modern agile tools/ process to communicate with Business leaders? Have the Services catalog promise from IT in hands of Business leaders or is it another maze of spreadsheets that keeps changing in who wields the collaboration portal that reflects the desktop/laptop/ cloud storage cluttered environments? So back to looking for needle in the haystack or looking for Signal/Information in the universe of Noise/data of all sizes and types including new breed of BigData?

Any key questions answered on TCO, ROI and value Delivered to busness from Enterprise IT will go a long way for future investments on Technology innovation else Business leaders will look elsewhere ..


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