Digital Architecture and Enterprise Transformation

As our travel from pleasure to daily chore is being transformed by driver-less autonomous cars and checkout lane less retail stores 2017 has a lot of Business Technology at our disposal.

Digital Architecture and Enterprise Transformation is a long journey that leverages Web, Internet and Cloud based platforms & Services. A Digital Ecosystem evolution started with Business Technology that centered on fast adoption of Mobile, Cloud Computing, Social & BigData Analytics technologies in Global Enterprises. The connected nature of People, Sensors and Devices along with modern Digital Systems are resulting in a world of Software ecosystems that are gaining momentum to take on human-centric job functions through Automation with evolving Machine Learning and AI Solutions. It is interesting to note the comeback of AI that started way early in the 1980’s that used the Cloud & Mobile technologies dominating the life of Global Citizens today.

Innovation is thriving in large Enterprises either with Mergers & Acquisitions and/ or investments in small entrepreneurial startups combined with new Digital Business units. The head start for this is demonstrated by GE Digital in creating a new wave of Software and Analytics for various manufacturing industries using emerging PaaS landscape from Pivotal Software.

We have come a long way from Digital Assistants in the early internet era to AI and Machine Learning lead Amazon Alexa , Google gadgetry & many more bridging the real and virtual worlds to help with our chores.

An assortment of Digital Transformation with several of the emerging technologies outlined above have been covered across Airline, Retail, Finance, Health and Pharmacy in the CIO magazine article on Digital Transformation stories. I like to provide a brief list of Digital Architecture and Enterprise Transformation covered in the article as follows:

  • JetBlue – Machine Learning / Analytics, service kiosks to near field communication , Finance Startups
  • Dominos – Anywhere platform , DOM – voice activation/ virtual Assistant
  • Target – Software out to insource
  • Walmart – OneOps – switch clouds, OpenStack platform
  • Capital One – Alexa, mobile app ecosystem, devops
  • CVS – innovation –lab , agile , watch – prescription online etc
  • Walgreens – Apple watch, Apple Pay
  • Subway – Mobile App redesign

The Enterprise Technologies that will have a large impact in 2017 center around IoT, CyberSecurity, Machine Learning / AI , Virtual and Augmented Reality – VR/AR & Blockchain based solutions. Enumerating some of this from analyst perspectives:

  • IoT adoption & Security – SMART everything sensor, device , cars, Homes & workplace
  • Forrester Research thinks more than half a million IoT devices will be compromised in 2017, which underlines the extreme importance of security
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality based solutions
  • Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus – GAMES –pokemon, retail aisles
  • Spend increase , marketing usage, communication – web conferencing
  • CyberSecurity -The new security AAAi — Automation, Analytics and Artificial intelligence through vendor solutions like IBM Watson, Google DeepMind and Cisco Tetration

Recent Gartner assessments of the security situation:

  • By 2020, 60% of digital businesses will suffer major service failures, due to the inability of IT security teams to manage digital risk.
  • By 2020, 60% of enterprise information security budgets will be allocated for rapid detection and response approaches, which is an increase from less than 30% in 2016.
  • By 2018, 25% of corporate data traffic will flow directly from mobile devices to the cloud, bypassing enterprise security controls.
  • Through 2018, over 50% of IoT device manufacturers will not be able to address threats because of weak authentication practices.


Brief look at BLOCKCHAIN based solution ecosystems:

  • Blockchains are distributed public ledgers, lauded for their ability to establish trust in the digital world by way of verifiable transactions and without the need for a middleman
  • Finance, Supplychain, Manufacturing, legal/healthcare, verifiable tamper proof record keeping – AUDITING Solutions may emerge.

Machine Learning – Deloitte reported that only 8% of enterprises use machine learening technology today

Parse data and learn – Alexa, Siri, Analytics Fabric solution assortments form vendors

Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft and IBM have all rolled out cloud-based machine learning platforms

Fraud protection, CHADBOTS are getting to adoption curve from several Enterprises.

So Enterprise Architects have a lot of opportunities to play key role in diverse industries on Digital Architecture and Enterprise Transformation Journey. AI has come a long way from Robotics to create automated solutions potentially eliminating many traditional human jobs from data center to retail outlets without checkout lines!


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