Business Technology Transformation & CEO (Change Enablement Officer)

In this age of Cloud Computing mangled with Application Programming Interface (API) & MicroServices, the notion of yesteryear Application is slowly diminishing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) becoming foundation blocks for Business Solutions. The Digital Transformation of the 21st Century has come a long way from content browsing in internet browser to connected Mobile Consumer of today. The Monolithic Architecture to distributed layers to Microservices with many Methodology from Waterfall to Scaled_Agile are coming of age as Software Development has become a PaaS-time for all industries across every Line of Business pivoted for growth and continuous delivery. The age old models of design, develop, operate & sustain is rolled all in one in today’s DevOps Agile world.

We started building Application Systems with Finance oversight and got to Information Systems through a new office of CIO and got the CIO to be in the board in some of the progressive Business Technology focused Organizations. The Digital thermometer in every business has become critical with the dawn of learning from Eastman Kodak as it was one of the beginning of the end of Kodak moments in the Digital Era. The camera & storage are the first casualties of the most transparent and visible sensory perception of human kinds that announced the end of industries centered on customers queuing up for processing the reels of the photos taken. The reels are gone for Real Digital identities and now with AI and ML based Digital Assistants taking the next sense(s) of talking & hearing making Alexa, Cortana & Siri make humans look dumber.  Also in between we had our sense of touch take over the Pads and Smartphones. We thought TASTE was all we got as Humans to be away in our own space but sensors and devices galore to grow and create Vineyards and Wine. As our basic primary 5 senses of Perception are now in a virtual and Digital world trying physically to take over what many of human-kind cannot do together as Digital nomads.

The alarm bells sound to the Board of executives and CEO’s with an interesting article on how companies eclipse themselves keeping oblivious of Digital Transformation. CEO’s and Chairman and board of Directors may need some extra sensory receptors to feel the pulse of Digital Transformation from their Boardroom to offices, plants, Distribution and Retail locations – the logjams between Employees, products/ services & Customers. The Journey of each of the Company product / Service line as well their Employee & Customer journey maps need to be in the boardroom with a constant watch. Let a Digital thermometer gauge the heat map of Digital Transformation of the Organization and the method of wait & hope is no longer valid. If you wait the ship under your feet may sail away along with your chair in the boardroom..

The call is not only for traditional business houses that have seen a century but also for the Digital novices before the enchantment of Humans to Machines – industrial age to Cyber age. The industrial age made machines that took over what Human limbs could not accomplish in a factory with automating jobs in plants. Then came Software and applications that slowly took over the office functions starting with the stenographer to any type of human assistant and clerk.

It is not only SMART Sensors and Devices but entire Financial Sector is challenged by the technology around Blockchain of which bitcoin is just the visible virtual currency. An interesting infographic on Blockchain provides a quick high level view of potentials and opportunities. What started as an anonymous ledger is presenting solutions that spans multitude of Business that can be transformed digitally overnight. The Digital Governments is another breathtaking area application that started with early content based internet browsing to ecommerce and citizen services delivered with eWealth, eAssets, eStamps or eNotes along with all sorts of Government revenues by citizen’s bill payments.

The predictions for 2018 for Clouds of all kinds from Forrester indicates the ever growing competition and revenue stream for Cloud Providers notwithstanding the news of Net Neutrality and its impacts that even my not-yet-graduated daughter & son argue on what it’s all about. Again watch out for your driving skills as Usage Bases Insurance gets some predictive analytics to practice.

Let us see some industries on the cutting edge starting with Transportation & Automotive – traditional OEM’s dealing with Customer Mobility through other means of transportation through smartphone Apps – the Ubers and those that will spring soon from connected IoT devices and fleets of a different kind. The Autonomous Vehicles may usher new era of human transportation as well as good & services delivery. The global finance, supply chain & transportation is going through a Digital Overhaul with a an autonomous containerization that takes rails, roads and seas.

The real time streaming of media has come a long way from watching free sports, movies, soap operas & concerts to real commercial Digital entertainment in Home, automobile, flights and other places where Humans cohabit this planet – which may extend to space and beyond as we colonize those places. The era of IoT has architectures like Lambda available in a variety of frameworks waiting for business solutions to be built.

Be it Watson or Google Machine Intelligence provide a variety of Business Solutions that are on the anvil to transform traditional applications & Businesses. Also the AI jargon is already doing rounds in business schools and circles with HBR giving glimpses of the Business of AI.

As people and processes have to move on with times, the Community of Interests (CoI) and Center of Excellence (CoE) have given place to new GUILDS in making be it software engineering or DevOps lifecycle or any other new Digital facet of Business Solution makers all in the name of Squads, Chapters & Guilds.  Scouts and Guides follow this well keeping it within a Generation.

Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects and each of them in many domains of Data, Infrastructure, and Business & Specific Line of Business are all scrambling to come up with their relevance and looking out for the Future of their Organization, the only constant in Business Technology terms is CHANGE. The Cloud Patterns or  Integration Patterns of Microservices era or the Big Data Architecture or Open Security or any other to be dynamically generated by AI/ML era of Machines creating Business Solutions making Robot based Automation eliminate more humans from vanilla software development lifecycles.  So be the Change that you wish to see innovating and discovering yourself as Mahatma Gandhi proclaimed.


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